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BBC News School Report


Toni-Leigh, Erika, Sian, Elise, Zach, Amber, Jessica and Jessica

Say hello to this year’s Freebrough Academy BBC News School Report team. Creating the latest news which matters to them as the youth of today.

They will be reporting on the loss of Stephen Hawkings, Rumble at crufts, The answer to housing, The devastation caused by human plastic waste in our oceans and many more.

 University Challenge

Jessica and Amber report on the lack of university places and what needs to be done.

Plastic Problems

Toni-Leigh reporting on the ongoing issue of plastic waste dumped in the sea and how its effecting nature.

Millie Knight – Paralympic Skier

Jessica’s report on the inspirational Millie Knight.

Rumble at Crufts

Sian reports on the crufts invasion by a couple of demonstrators.

Stephen Hawkings

Physical cosmologist, Stephen Hawking died at his home in Cambridge on the 14 March 2018.

Stephen Hawking’s work sparked many peoples interest in science and inspired generations. The theories he made have changed the way scientists look at the universe. At the age of 21, Hawking was diagnosed with motor neurone disease, cutting his life expectancy to two years, but he defied all odds and lived till the age of 76.

3D Printed Housing

Amber reporting on what could be the answer for billions of homeless people all around the world.


Boaty Mcboatface

2 years ago the UK’s polar research ship was named Sir David Attenborough even though ‘Boaty McboatFace’ was the most publicly voted name. Science Minister Jo Johnson said that the name was not suitable so the fourth most popular vote which was Sir David Attenborough was chosen.

Claudette Colvin

Jess and Sian reporting on Claudette Colvin  who was a pioneer of the civil rights movement.

Highway Code

Elise and Toni-Leigh reporting on the hazards faced by people who ride horses and ignorant drivers.

Bath Time

Amber reporting on an incident where a car veered off the road into someones bathroom in Pwllhelli, Wales.

Fake news by Erika

A huge well done to all the BBC School news report team for there hard work in researching, script writing and presenting the news which matters to them. And also a huge thank you to Erika for her excellent recording studio skills.

Mr White.