Academic Tutoring Day – Monday 20 June 2016 (Years 7 to 10 only)

This will be your opportunity as a parent to meet with your child’s tutor for a one to one meeting to discuss your child’s progress in all of their subjects. Giving you the chance to review the progress made in this academic year and set individual targets for 2016/17.

We would like you to book a convenient meeting via ParentMail (the booking window opens on Thursday 9 June and will close on 17 June). If you have not already registered on the ParentMail system, we would encourage you to do so before the booking window opens.

The arrangements for Year 11 students will be slightly different due to the exam period and parents of Year 11 students will not be required to make an appointment with their child’s tutor. The parents of Year 11 students will be alerted by text of the arrangements for the day.