Anna to work with humanutopia as a HARmony Camp Ambassador

Accompanying humanutopia for 5 weeks during the summer, Anna Kennedy, a Year 11 student and a former humanutopia Hero for two years, will be visiting secondary schools around the UK.

A successful interview has led to Anna having a summer job with humanutopia as a ‘HARmony Camp Ambassador’. She will be working with other ambassadors at different HARmony Camps over the summer to empower heroes to run their own HARmony Camps for Year 6s in their own communities.

After helping to run workshops with transition students at Freebrough Academy, Anna really agreed with everything that humanutopia stood for. A family member of Anna’s showed her the advertisement on Facebook and that’s when she decided to apply for the job.

Anna had to travel all the way to London for her interview, “I was really nervous, it was a 3 .5 hour interview however it was a group activity so it was not as scary as I expected.”

Anna will attend training days before embarking on this exciting programme so that she has the skills and knowledge to help deliver humanutopia workshop sessions to students who are not much younger than her. With Anna leaving Freebrough Academy after her GCSE examinations, this will be a great opportunity and give her experience, before starting college in September. Anna is most excited about: “Travelling to and visiting different places, meeting new people.”

Humanutopia is a people first development company who have been working with the staff and students here at Freebrough Academy since October 2010. With the help of their inspirational team members and humorous, but hard hitting ‘Who Are You’? interventions, humanutopia have been encouraging the students and staff of the Academy to stop and reflect on their lives so far and think about their hopes and dreams for the future. These interventions have allowed students to understand the impact their communication has on relationships and how this ultimately allows or restricts their growth as individuals and communities.

To find out more about humanutopia visit their website.