Annual Y6 Maths Challenge

The Maths team at Freebrough Academy were delighted to welcome sixteen Year 6 students from Whitecliffe, Badger Hill, and Skelton Primary Schools, for the annual maths challenge.

The 2015 challenge saw students work in groups of four, working with new friends and partners from different schools.  Each group took part in four challenges, contributing to their final scores.

The first challenge gave students a scenario with a question designed to ensure that the challengers think outside the box.  There were many ways to solve the problem, and each group came up with a unique way of reaching the solution.

The second challenge involved groups using different skills important to maths – research, essential numerical skills, creativity, and visualisation.  The third challenge presented a task similar to a crossword but with calculations.  Half the team had the across clues, and the other half had the down clues.

The final challenge asked students to create a 3D shape.  They had to optimise the number of points they would get by including certain properties, such as having a prime number of faces, etc.

Every student did extremely well and demonstrated the mathematical skills of resilience, creativity, logical thinking and teamwork.  In the end the results were extremely close, coming down to only 5 points between them (out of 180!).  Each team was named after one of Freebrough’s small schools, and it was team Innovation that came out on top.

It was fantastic to see so many parents and carers come to our celebration of achievement, and see their child receive their certificate.  It is always a delight to work with the wonderful teachers from our feeder primary schools, and especially children who, next year, could be our new Year 7 students.

To try one of the challenges the Year 6s completed please click this link. See if you can do it!  Any entries from individuals, pairs, families, etc. can be sent to Mr Laverick either by email ( or through the school’s general office.