Attendance Matters!

Did you know that the attendance target set within our Academy is 96% for a reason?

If a student has attendance above 96% they are 80% more likely to achieve at least five good GCSEs compared to a student who has attendance below 96%. Students whose attendance drops below 90% have only a 20% chance of achieving five good GCSEs. 

How do I know the attendance of my child?

In order to help parents keep track of their child’s attendance Freebrough Academy will text parents each Friday with a current year to date attendance figure. 

Persistent Absence (90% or lower attendance)

The Government has set the Persistent Absence figure at 90% (10% absence). A student who has attendance below this level has a significantly reduced chance of academic success. It is important that parents work closely with the Academy to support any students whose attendance is beginning drop close to the 90% threshold. If you are concerned about your child’s attendance please contact the attendance team at the Academy or you may wish to look at our attendance procedures and rewards which can be found by clicking here.