Exams and Revision – Year 11 students tell us all about their GCSEs

For the past month, Year 11 students at Freebrough Academy have been sitting their GCSEs. The stupendous students started their exams at the beginning of May and they will finish them at the end of June. Held in the Sports Hall and Activities Hall, the exams will help them race further in life.

We interviewed students and teachers during the exam period to find out how the examinations were going and their tips for revising.

Mr Laverick, maths teacher, told us: “The students are well prepared and have worked really hard so they should get the grade they want. Provision available to the students involved: half term workshops, P6 / P7 and focus groups. My star students in Year 11 would probably be Melissa Atkinson; she comes to revise at least twice a week. She puts 150% into everything. Secondly, Adam Dixon: he tried hard in everything and never gives up.”

Also informing us about the revision techniques that they have been using, Mr Laverick explained: “We have practised using websites, revision videos and old GCSE practice papers.”

The three students we interviewed were: Kennedy Simpson, Callum Butler and Gaby Bladen. We asked them how they felt during exam and their answers were fairly similar, for example: “Nervous and fairly confident, however we think it went well.”

Their first exam was English Literature and we wanted to know how they were preparing for their exams:

Kennedy: “A lot of revision, answering past questions and reading through notes.”

Gaby: “Practice questions over and over again. Going over information and remembering it.”

Callum: “Going over notes and how to structure my answers.”

They all thought revising for so many exams was stressful and tiring but they hope that their effort will pay off when it comes to results day.

Revising Secrets

Kennedy: “Writing on cards and putting post it notes on my walls.”

Gaby: “Practicing questions over and over again and going over information.”

Callum: “Not lump revising and setting challenges for myself.”

 Advice for students who are yet to sit their GCSEs

Kennedy: “Revise before it gets too late and have confidence.”

Gaby: “Start revising as soon as and don’t leave it until last minute.”

Callum: “Revise in chunks in the lead up to the exam, don’t cram all in one night, getting a good night’s sleep the night before is much better.”

Mr Laverick: “I would tell them to prepare early, get a good revision timetable and stick to it.”

Dan Y7, Reporter Logo