Freebrough wishes Year 11 students good luck for their future

As the end of the academic year nears closer, we have bid farewell to our Year 11 students. We want to wish them luck in whatever they decide to do in the future.

The Year 11 students had their final assembly on Friday 9 June, signed each other’s shirts and took lots of photos to commemorate the end of an era which we hope they look back on with happy memories. 

The students have been continuing to return to the academy for revision sessions and exams, and this will be followed by a spectacular way to end their Freebrough journeys, Freebrough Academy Prom 2017. We are hoping that the weather will be on our side and look forward to seeing them all arrive in their formal attire.

Finally returning for results day at the end of August, we look forward to seeing the results of their hard work and effort.