Freebrough’s fantastic four – UKMT Team Maths Challenge

Luis Ayres, Jacob Midgely, Hannah Richmond and Ashley Stone represented Freebrough Academy in the regional heat of the UKMT 2017 Team Maths Challenge at MacMillan Academy in Middlesbrough on Tuesday 25 April 2017.

Competing against 22 other teams from schools covering a wide area, from Ripon up to Northumberland, the challenge involved four tasks: a group challenge, a paired challenge, a paired 3-round tag challenge and a paired relay challenge.

The student’s maths skills were tested continuously and they had to demonstrate that they could work collaboratively throughout the day, whilst developing their skills in the application of maths. The tasks also showed how the answers to one question could be influenced by the correct solution to a previous problem.

The students had an enjoyable day and secured 12th place against stiff opposition from the other schools present.

Mr Rawson told us: “It was a pleasure to see how well they represented the school and the enthusiasm they showed all day.”