Learning about business and ICT from the experts

A group of Year 7 students travelled to Disneyland Paris during February, to attend the Business Live! and ICT & Computing Live! conferences. Arranged through European Study Tours, they provide subject specific conferences for students that aim to give young people skills and knowledge about the industry so that they can apply it to their learning in school.

At each conference the students had the opportunity to listen to three guest speakers, who are all experts in their specific industry. The speakers were Joe McEwan (Head of Digital and Communities for Innocent Smoothies), Clare Dickson (Account Manager for Disneyland), Stef Lewandowski (Hacker), Kate Russell (Technology Journalist) and Jan Moir (Virgin Atlantic and London 2012).

In an auditorium of over 600 people our students were by far the youngest but showed maturity, grit and resilience. They demonstrated their grit by asking most of the questions to the speakers and they even won a signed copy of Kate Russell’s book on business growth for their involvement and participation. As an Academy we are very proud of their achievements and attitude throughout the trip.

As well as learning about the industry students also were able to spend two days in the Disneyland Parks, practicing their French and enjoying the rides.