Learning with Lego

Year 7 & 8 students had the opportunity to improve their learning in Maths and ICT with a day of Lego.

Phil Ainsley, a Lego Academy instructor spent time assisting students with building and programming robots. They were able to build and then using Bluetooth technology to instruct robots to move, spin, speak and even detect objects. They were also given the opportunity to design and build their own robots that could be programmed to move without the aid of wheels! Students also spent time in shorter sessions using Lego as a physical aid to improve their maths skills.

Mrs Longhorn who organised the day said: “Thoroughly engaged with the opportunity to use Lego in lessons, the students had an amazing time and improved in both subjects. They did not play with Lego as they assumed they would be and after the initial thought that they were too old for Lego, they were soon designing and building remarkable machines.”

Students have now been inspired and want to set up their own Lego club for the future and make links with St Peter’s who currently take part in international Lego tournaments.