LEEP Day (Y7 – Y9) – Tuesday 29 November 2016

— Please note Y11 will take part in LEEP training on Wednesday 30 November 2016 —

Students in Y7-Y9 will be taking part in Learner Effectiveness Enhancement Programme (LEEP) training to support them in developing essential attributes including resilience and grit that will lead to them becoming more effective learners both in school and out of school.

This programme has been carefully designed to provide students with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to be independent, positive and successful learners.

During the LEEP Day, students will work closely with staff by attending four different workshops and receive training in:

  • Grit – how to self-manage and make the extra effort needed for effective learning
  • Brainology – how the brain works and how to train the brain
  • Resilience – how to learn from mistakes and rise to new challenges
  • Language – how to use positive language and feedback to improve learning habits

The programme is based on evidence-based educational research and has received much interest from national organisations.

The Academy will begin and end at the usual times, but every student’s timetable will be suspended to allow them to attend all four workshops. Students do not need to wear school uniform but must bring a pair of training shoes. Please note, lunch and break times will not be affected.

For more information about LEEP please see the leaflet attached below.

LEEP Leaflet for parents