Our new healthy food menus

We are really excited at Freebrough Academy to launch our new healthy food menus and are sure you will understand the importance of providing students with a healthy balanced diet.

As part of the School Food Plan, a new set of standards for all food served in schools has been launched by the Department for Education. These became mandatory in all maintained schools, and new Academies from January 2015. As best practice and to promote a healthy lifestyle our new menus meet the new standards.

To ensure we meet these standards our catering team has designed a new balanced set of menus in order that students can choose from a range of healthy options and can be found on The Freebrough Restaurant page.

We have placed the food standard information in more detail on The Freebrough Restaurant page but please find below some of their requirements:

  • Three or more different starchy foods each week’, e.g. pasta, rice and a range of potatoes
  • ‘One or more portions of vegetables, or salad, or fruit every day’.
  • No more than two portions of food a week that has been deep fried, batter coated or bread crumbed’. e.g. chips, battered fish, spring rolls
  • ‘No more than two portions of food which include pastry each week’ e.g. pie crust, sausage rolls, pasties, pastry in puddings.
  • ‘A meat or poultry product (that has been manufactured) no more than twice a week’ e.g. sausages, chicken parmesan, chicken burgers, burgers etc.

It is important that we educate students about the importance of eating a balanced diet to enable them to make healthy choices both at home and when they leave school.

Further information about food standards can be found on the School Food Plan website.