Curriculum Overview

Freebrough Academy Curriculum

At Freebrough Academy we aim to develop a broad, balanced and agile curriculum that meets the needs of learners in an ever changing world.

The curriculum addresses the key requirements identified through action research to determine how students learn most effectively. A priority for us is to develop a curriculum that will engage, motivate and enthuse learners, contributing to a positive learning ethos throughout the Academy and resulting in a ‘Can do culture’. Our aim is to recognise individual needs and remove all barriers to learning so that every student has high aspirations and achieves their full potential.

The curriculum at Freebrough offers students a range of opportunities to acquire knowledge, as well developing the understanding, skills, characteristics and strengths they need to become successful life-long learners and effective citizens. We encourage all of our students to be a ‘Daring Greatly learner’ and embrace the Freebrough Academy values of  PRIDE. These are:

  •  Presentation – of uniform, language and work
  • Resilience – showing grit, determination and celebrating mistakes
  • Independence – working hard in lessons, at tutor time and at home
  • Drive – having passion for learning, enrichment and the future
  • Excellence – attendance, progress and effort

With this in mind the curriculum is underpinned by the following elements:

  • The Academy specialism of Business and Enterprise is introduced to students in Year 7. There is further development within all subject areas and in each year, including opportunities for learners to work on extended rich tasks through our tutorial programme. All students study Business and Enterprise as part of the core curriculum.
  • Students develop numeracy and mathematical skills across the curriculum through relevant individual subjects in each year.
  • Students develop language and literacy across the curriculum including emotional literacy.
  • Where appropriate we link learning to everyday life and help our students to make the right choices through, for example our careers information and advice programme as well as health and wellbeing themes.
  • Fostering creativity continues to be a strong theme in our curriculum so we offer a range of opportunities for students to access the creative arts.

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Lesson Timetable

You can check which lessons your child has each day using the timetable information below:

Academy Timetable Monday

Academy Timetable Tuesday

Academy Timetable Wednesday

Academy Timetable Thursday

Academy Timetable Friday


There is an enrichment programme which offers students opportunities to extend their learning through a wide range of clubs and activities available either during or at the end of the school day. Please click here to find out more.

Period 6 Learning for Key Stage 4 Students

Period 6 provides structured revision time for students helping them in the run up to their exams. At Freebrough Academy we really value Period 6 giving KS4 students the opportunity to access all of their teachers over a two week period.


Key Stage 4 Options Information

You can download our options booklets and forms here:

Year 8 Ebaccalaureate Booklet

Year 8 Ebaccalaureate Pathways Form

Year 8 Intermediate Booklet

Year 8 Intermediate Pathways Form

Year 8 Foundation Booklet

Year 8 Foundation Pathways Form