Maths Overview

The Importance of Maths

Everyone, everywhere uses and experiences maths throughout the course of their normal day.
Freebrough-27-300x199Maths is about using skills to solve problems and is responsible for the modern world we live in today. We aim not only to give students a set of skills but to make maths real to them by bringing life into the classroom and take classroom skills out into the wider world. The maths team are committed through engaging and challenging lessons to ensure our students leave with the maths skills that will support them into further education or the world of work.



Maths at KS3 and KS4

Please click on the hyperlinks below for more information on the maths curriculum at each stage:

Maths at Key Stage 3

Maths at Key Stage 4



Maths videos – like having a teacher on your computer!

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You will find videos for all ages and abilities from level 3 to grade A*. Remember: “Practice makes perfect”.

Maths help on Youtube

These are the best explanation and revision videos on youtube.   All the videos have been made by experienced maths teachers. Take look:


Click here and here to find practice Maths exam papers.

 Revision Tips (click on the image to enlarge)




Gifted and Talented Students

Each year gifted and talented students from each year group are entered into a national maths competition run by Leeds University. There are individual competitions and for year 8 & year 9 students there is a team competition also.

For details please follow the link:  National Maths Competition

Students may fast track onto the GCSE course enabling them to gain at least a grade B by the end of year 10. Students who achieve this will in year 11 work towards FSMQ (free standing maths qualification) which covers aspects of A’ level maths.


Home learning

It is of vital importance that students practice the maths skills they learn in the classroom. The main resource we use to do this is mymaths. Students have an individual login to access their personalised work. Students are set a minimum of one piece of homework on mymaths per week. Students will also be told which booster pack is most appropriate for them to work through. Written tasks such as exam questions or information gathering tasks will also be issued over the course of the year.



Useful Websites

Careers that maths can lead to:

Maths Careers


To practice maths skills:

Super Maths World

Mad for Maths

Maths Dictionary

Gifted and Talented Students


Problem solving games:

10 Ticks

Maths is Fun puzzles



GCSE Bitesize

GCSE Key Stage 3