Modern Foreign Languages Overview

Understanding and communicating in a foreign language is a vital skill in a world where a global village has been created by the rapid advances in modern technology.


Accessing a smart phone as you walk is just the beginning of the next step in the IT revolution.

The world has become much smaller and understanding other cultures and communicating effectively with other nations has become more critical than ever before.

At Freebrough Academy French and Spanish at Key Stage 3 is taught through a series of topic based projects that will teach the students to understand, speak and write the languages.

Topic based activities like these provide an ideal platform for success at Key Stage 4, where students return to some of these topics and study them in far greater detail.

The Languages team is committed to providing the highest quality teaching and learning that will enable all our community of learners to achieve the very best they can with the skills and aptitudes needed in a globalised world.

Key Stage 3 French and Spanish

KS3 has been divided into a number of special topics, each designed to last for one term. Upon entry in Year 7 students’ knowledge is audited to ensure sustained progress is made in the foreign language.

Continuous assessment and detailed feedback are all integral to the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages within the Academy.

A bit of fun

One useful and fun website for learning French and other languages is

For our user name and password, please check back with your teacher.  Test the family, beat your brothers and sisters and become part of our global world.