Performing and Creative Arts Faculty News

Paying tribute to 9/11 victims

Tackling serious issues in their drama lessons such as terrorism, crime and politics, the Year 9 BTEC Drama class have been creating characters and stories which are helping them to empathise with anyone who was involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Students have been creating stories about people who weren’t directly affected by the attacks, such as those victims who are still dying today from the smoke poisoning and also members of the emergency services who still today struggle with their job because of what happened on that terrible day. A short performance to their peers, allowed students to pay tribute to the victims and their families.

Year 8 Drama get physical

Year 8 Drama students are moving their normal acting skills aside this half term to make way for more physical acting.

Students have been inspired by the shadow theatre group “Attraction” who won Britain’s Got Talent in 2013. Using their bodies to create shapes, objects and stories, students are using a different form of communication to portray emotion.

 “It’s good for people who are shy because they don’t have to talk, they just have to move.” – Year 8 student

Year 7 are stringing some chords

A group of lucky Year 7 students have been learning how to play the guitar, working with professional guitarist, Neil Walker, from Club Creative on a Tuesday afterschool. Students who have their own guitars have also been practicing at home, taking the skills they have learnt in the classroom.