Performing and Creative Arts Faculty News

Drama Youth Theatre make a start on their new production!

On Thursday night, 15 students attended Drama Youth Theatre to find out what their new production would be and they were all delighted when they found out they would be producing their own version of “Mrs Doubtfire”. Casting and auditions will begin next week and rehearsals will soon follow.

Year 8 Hillsborough Disaster

The drama department always like to tackle serious and sensitive issues and look at real life events which students can learn from. This April marks the 28th anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster and the Year 8 students will be marking this occasion by creating performances, as tribute to the 96 victims and their families.

Students will learn how the truth was covered up for years and the impact that the media can have on a story this big. Faced with difficult challenges, students will be acting out real interviews between the police and the press, also looking at the mental impact this day had on thousands of people.

Year 7 Roald Dahl

Author of much-loved stories including Matilda, Fantastic Mr Fox and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; Roald Dahl, for many, is the world’s No. 1 storyteller. Year 7 students having been taking a leaf out of his book, using their imagination to act out their favourite Roald Dahl plays in their drama lessons.

Students will continue to learn the skills needed to act out these wonderful characters and will bring them to life in front of their class. Learning about how Roald Dahl always used contrast in the characters that he created, they will also find out how set design, costume and props were so significant in bringing the Roald Dahl stories to the stage.