Performing and Creative Arts Faculty News

Mrs Doubtfire rehearsals

Rehearsals are well underway for Drama Youth Theatre’s production of Mrs Doubtfire. Students discovered before the Easter holidays which parts they would play and Jessica in Year 7 was delighted to be playing the main role of Mrs Doubtfire.

Turning into mime artists!

The hardest challenge yet, Year 7 students in their drama lessons have been given the task not to talk! They will be learning what it takes to be a mime artist, including how to use gestures, body language and facial expressions to communicate what it is that they want to say.

Year 10 script performance

Year 10 BTEC Performing Art students have completed their first assessed unit – Unit 3 – Acting Skills. For this unit students have had to take part in a series of acting workshops and then create a final performance of a published script. The script they have brought to life is ‘TWO’ Jim Cartwright which is a story set in a pub where we meet all of the regular customers. Students will be holding a preview evening in May so that they can share their performance with friends and family. Well done Year 10 – you have been amazing!