Performing and Creative Arts Faculty News

Y10 Working not so silently  

The Y10 Drama students have been learning about every aspect of producing a performance. Each student chose their own production role, from scriptwriter and director to lights/sound technician and actor.

Having to fulfil their own criteria and ensure that they were working together as a team, the students had to create a performance which was flawless.

The performance had to fit the genre of silent movies and the final performances were absolutely amazing. It was fantastic to see the work that the students had produced working independently within their own production role. Well done Y10!

Y7 Bringing script to life

Energy, enthusiasm and effervescence, are the qualities that the Y7 students have brought to the Drama department! They have been reading and performing extracts from a script, enjoying creating many different characters including police officers, head teachers, news reporters and eye witnesses.

The students are currently exploring a script which is all about bullying and how the pain and suffering of bullying can be eased by talking to someone about it. Always bringing energy to every lesson, the students can also discuss and explore very mature issues. Well done to the whole of Y7! 

Y11 Trying to change the world

The Y11 students are working on their most challenging theme yet – creating a performance about terrorism. Students have had to discuss, explore and agree on what they want the intention of the performance to be and decided on ‘terrorism is not a religion’.

Students are aiming to challenge the current misconceptions about race, religion and terrorism and they are creating a performance which will be examined for their Unit 2 exam.

Drama teacher, Mrs Skidmore told us: “The students have demonstrated such maturity when researching and exploring these themes and it is an absolute honour to be directing the performance that they are working on. A preview evening of the performance for family and friends will be hosted by the students, when they have finished working on the project. Keep up the excellent work!”

Upcoming Events



Thursday 9 November 2017

Starts at 6.00 pm

Both staff and students are moving their books, homework and class charts to the side for one night only, to transform into their favourite music legends.

We look forward to the students singing and the staff trying to sing. It will be a star-studded event, not to be missed!

There will also be an interval with refreshments and a range of Las Vegas games available to play.

£1 a ticket, available at the general office.


On Thursday 7 December 2017, Freebrough Academy will be hosting their annual Christmas Extravaganza. The evening will involve a mixture of performances, arts and craft stalls, games, festive food and a visit from the man himself, Father Christmas.

If you would like to rent a stall for the evening, please contact the general office.

Tickets will be on sale in November 2017.