Planning a music festival is a serious business

It might seem like fun and you might have just thought you could choose your favourite bands and artists but as our Year 9 students found out this week, that is not the case. Working with the organisers of the Deer Shed Festival and our sponsors Teesside University Year 9 students were set the challenge of designing their own festival to a budget of £1 million. This might seem like a lot of money, but when you start to pay for famous bands and musicians like Dolly Parton, Justin Bieber, One Direction and Fall Out Boy, plus all of the facilities, security and advertising it does not go very far.

Working in teams of 6 students were asked to create a theme that the festival would focus on and all of their plans had to fit to that theme. At the end of the working day students presented their work to the judges who included: Charles Allen and John McCue from Deer Shed Festival, Gary Crawley from Teesside University and our Principal Linda Halbert. The judges were impressed with the quality of the work students had developed in such a short amount of time and particularly the work of the teams who placed 1st and 2nd.

Winter Wonderland festival which was developed by May, Charlotte, Caceyleigh, Abbie, Jade, and Mae was presented with first place with their extremely well planned winter themed festival. In second place was Kendal Burning, a Chinese themed festival developed by James, Jasmine, Amelie, Rya, Jodie, Tom and Kayleigh. Well done to all of the Year 9 students who worked incredibly hard and showed their determination to complete the challenge.