Robotics Club film successful pitch to win a VEX Robotics kit

Nine Vex Robotics kits were available, with schools having to pitch in order to be successful in having one on loan to their school. In their pitch they had to answer how the school could benefit from the kit and how it would help the students develop their skills.

A robotics team was formed and the students stayed back after school on two consecutive days to work on their pitch and have it complete in the tight deadline they had! The students involved with the making of the video pitch were: Sophie Y9, Adam Y7, Toby Y8, Zach Y7, Stephen Y8, Reuben Y7, Kyle Y8, Liam Y8 and Alex Y8. A particular student who stood out was Sophie who was amazing at organising the video and demonstrated excellent leadership skills by supporting other students.

The video pitch was sent off on Wednesday 23 March 2016 and they found out they were successful the following morning. Miss Barnes, Leader of the Robotics Club and Assistant Director of Science, along with two students will attend a training day at Inspire to Learn on Wednesday 14 April 2016 to collect and be trained in how to use the kit.

After the training is complete, throughout April, May and June there will be a fixture on a Thursday every fortnight. The members of the club will be required to build and programme the robot and then compete with other school’s robots in a robot league. The club will however take place every Thursday as the Thursday’s they are not participating in the league, they will need to rebuild and programme the robot for the following week.

This is a really exciting opportunity for students at Freebrough Academy and we look forward to reporting on their future successes.