Science Faculty News

The science faculty at Freebrough Academy have been celebrating extremely successful GCSE results. For the first time in the Academy’s history we have obtained our best results in GCSE biology, chemistry and physics.  The hard work from the students and their teacher Miss Walker meant the students achieved a fantastic, 100% pass rate for biology, 96.9% pass rate for chemistry and 90.6% pass rate for physics.

Exciting opportunities

More exciting things are coming from the science department and one of them involves all students, parents and even teachers to ‘do science’ at home! Kitchen Chemistry @ Freebrough is officially being launched this half term, giving students the chance to explore some of the principles of chemistry and carry out their own mini practicals at home. Students will be encouraged to carry out their own experiments using materials that can be found in the home. 

Ever wanted to build and programme your own robot?

For the last year a group of students who are part of our STEM club won the bid for a VEX Robotic kit and have been learning to build and programme their own robot with support from the Assistant Director of Learning, Miss Barnes. Students have had the opportunity to compete with other schools; racing their robot aptly named ‘The Halbot’. This experience in trying to build and program robots has given our students the confidence in their capabilities and strengths. I am looking forward to the development of ‘The Halbot’ and welcoming a more robotic future at Freebrough Academy.