Student Leadership Team – Inspiring change at Freebrough Academy

Student Leadership Team LogoAt Freebrough there are many young people who do something a little bit extra to help the school, community and fellow students. They truly have a can-do attitude and show grit and resilience in the tasks that they take on.

This year the FAB team, the Academy Council and Team Heroes have all been working to make your school a place that you want to be, to remove barriers to your learning and help you be happy at school.

On their own these three groups of students have a powerful impact on other students at the Academy but together they are going to work to inspire even more change at Freebrough Academy.  From now on these three groups are all working together as the Student Leadership Team, demonstrating many key skills such as: leadership, grit, resilience, ability to motivate, teamwork among many more.

As you can see our logo is incomplete and this half term our students are busy working to design a logo for the Academy Council. Look out for the finished design in the next edition. Please read on for an update on what the SLT has been up to over the past term.

FAB Team

The award winning FAB team are continuing to have a sensational impact on the wellbeing of our students, preventing bullying and supporting students who need to access extra support.

This term they have been involved in the following activities:

  • All FAB team members have been working towards their Gold Award in Anti-Bullying Ambassador Training.
  • Delivered an e-safety training session to Year 7, 8 and 9 students, and also to Year 5 students at Handale Primary School.
  • Worked with the same Year 5 students to design a new FAB Freebrough Flyer which is now being used with our students.

Academy Council

The Academy council have had a very busy half term. All students are given the chance to be a part of the small school council and each tutor group has 2 representatives who are members of the council.

This term they have been involved in the following activities:

  • Attended a training session on democracy to learn more about this and their right to it.
  • Organised a non-uniform day to raise funds for the refugee crisis. They also listened to a presentation about the crisis by Miss Fenby-Dixon, who has been fundraising and collecting clothes and resources since before Christmas.
  • Took part in the Clean for the Queen litter pick in Brotton, helping to keep our community tidy.
  • Interviewed prospective new teachers at the Academy.
  • Asked tutor groups for their opinions on what is going well and what could make the school even better.
  • Took part in the Year 6 Open Evening, meeting and greeting Year 6 students, modelling our uniform and helping to answer questions.

Team Heroes

The humanutopia team visited the academy for two days during March, working with our Year 7 & 8 students and Team Heroes to further develop themselves as learners and members of the Freebrough community.

Supported by the Year 9 Heroes, Year 7 students were looking at the topic – Who can you be? This focused on their aspirations and how to achieve them by being a positive member of the Academy community.

Also during the previous term, supported by Year 10 Heroes, Year 8 students were looking at communication. This involved communication with other learners, staff and parents which is really important for all students in the Academy, being able to positively communicate with others contributes to their success at school. Team Heroes did a fantastic job again, supporting and challenging students to move out of their comfort zone and into their panic zone.

Our Year 9 Heroes also worked with Year 5 students from Skelton Primary School. On their first day as Heroes they were surprised by the whole of Year 5 arriving at the Academy and with no prior planning, had to support a group of younger students to start their humanutopia journey. The Year 9 Heroes’ truly demonstrated resilience during the afternoon and the Year 5 students from Skelton Primary had a great afternoon.

This term the Year 10 Heroes will be working with Year 8 on their relationships in school and Year 9 students will be planning Harmony Camp for our Year 6 transition students in July. Harmony Camp is a day ran completely by Team Heroes, designed to bring the Year 6 transition students together.