Target market practice

A selection of Year 9 students were developing their creative skills in their Business and Enterprise lessons last week, making a children’s toy from five random objects they were given. 

Each group was given five different items including paper cups, string and cotton wool. They were then challenged to create a product that they had to pitch to showcase their understanding of a target market which they had recently studied and had strict success criteria! 

All the teams completed amazing pitches; acting out an advert, presenting their product with PowerPoint and others had a well-rehearsed script. A winner was picked from each of the three classes based on the success criteria and the team were presented with a box of Celebrations!

Particular stand out performances were seen from the Phil the Stocking Team (pictured) and the Youth Developers Team who showed off their amazing acting skills around their product, bouncy plane!  Well done to all the students who took part!