Touring with Tamasha Theatre Company

A group of lucky students were handpicked to work with a company called Tamasha Theatre Company on the Create Tour.

Students attended a series of workshops over the Easter holiday where they learnt key skills about how to organise a performance. This then lead on to the students working with the company to develop a short performance which they then toured around local venues as a curtain raiser for the company’s main performance ‘Made in India’.

Touring with the company, the students performed at Tuned In! Redcar, Loftus Town Hall, Yarm Fellowship Hall and we were delighted that the company also choose Freebrough Academy as one of their venues. Some staff and parents saw the student’s performances and they were amazed by the work the students had created in such a short space of time.

Joe Hennessy from Rural Arts, who worked closely with the students said: “They were a great group to work with, they were a credit to themselves and Freebrough all through the performance and the tour week. They also seemed to work really well together, so if there is any opportunity, it would be fantastic to keep the group acting together at school or at after school groups!”

Freebrough Academy is proud of all of the students who took part and look forward to seeing them on stage once again.

Quotes from the students…

“My favourite part was making friends with the older students.” Lola Y7

“The best bit was actually performing to a large audience rather than just performing to your classmates.” Callum Y7