Tutor groups competing for gold in Olympic challenges

The whole Academy is competing in tutor groups, to win a number of challenges, inspired by the Rio 2016 Olympics. The three challenges that they have been set include:

  • Country trivia display โ€“ Each tutor group has been given a country which they must create a door display outside of their classroom, featuring a number of facts about their country.

  • Olympic ring values โ€“ They must create the Olympic rings e.g. drawing, making or painting, and choose four of our FRED ICE values, placing their meaning in/on/around the rings. For the 5th ring they must be inventive and come up with a NEW Value that we could use in the Academy, showing this around the rings also.
  • Adventures of FRED ICE โ€“ Tutors must find a bear which will be used to go on a FRED ICE journey. Using the values they have chosen they must demonstrate them practically and have displayed on the bear which value he is representing. A photograph of each value should be inserted into a PowerPoint slide and placed in the provided folder. Each tutor also needs to take the FRED ICE bear somewhere exciting and get a selfie photo with him! The winning photos will be used to create a new flyer.

The first challenge was announced on 27 June 2016 and the first banner was on display the following day. The students are becoming as competitive as the staff! Make sure that you know the deadline and that your tutor group completes the challenges!