Freebrough Academy Values

At Freebrough Academy we encourage all members of the school community to live by their values and to be ‘Daring Greatly’ learners.

Freebrough Values – The journey so far???


Freebrough became a Business and Enterprise Academy. Over two years we worked in tutor time and through ???Enterprise Days??? to look at the skills and qualities needed to enter the business world or to become an entrepreneur.

Students designed ???Zenny Zeebrough??? our business mascot, accompanied by the hooves of enterprise.



The Sport and Health Faculty organised an enterprise day, based around creating an Olympic Village. This led to further work on the Olympic values. Students researched the seven values of: friendship, respect, excellence, determination, inspiration, courage and equality. Students created posters to show how they could use values on a daily basis both in and out of the Academy.

This led to the creation of ???FRED ICE??? who is now Freebrough???s mascot bear.


Freebrough introduced the concept of ???Growth Mindset??? to students. Students completed mindset questionnaires and through assemblies we looked at what how this could be applied in lessons. To take it a step further we introduced the ???Learner Enhancement Effectiveness Programme???. Staff planned a ???LEEP??? training day to develop students understanding of: brainology, resilience, grit and language. This provided students with the tools they needed to develop their own growth mindset and to become better learners.

Summer 2016

Freebrough decided to review and reflect on the values that we had put in place. Students were asked to take FRED ICE on a journey to show the values in action, then using the idea of the five Olympic rings, students had to recreate the rings and place the four values that they felt were most important in the rings. For the fifth ring students had to come up with a new value that represented the Academy from 2016 onwards.

It was very difficult to choose one value as students came up with so many fantastic ideas, they had taken concepts from: LEEP, SMSC, learner qualities, and how they wanted the community to see the Academy.

One value that stood out was PRIDE, after speaking to students they felt we could merge values. So we came up with:

Presentation – of uniform, language and work

Resilience ??? showing grit, determination and celebrating mistakes

Independence ??? working hard in lessons, at tutor time and at home

Drive ??? having passion for learning, enrichment and the future

Expectations ??? attendance, progress and effort

We thought long and hard about how we bring our values together. Now they come under the umbrella of ???Daring Greatly???.

Daring greatly students demonstrate PRIDE (the individual) and FREDICE (when they work together).