Freebrough Local Academy Council

The Academies within the Trust have Local Academy Councils, their principal remit as described in their terms of reference is to;

  • act as a critical friend to the Principal/Head Teacher
  • represent the views of the community in discussions on budget issues that relate to community engagement and activity and make recommendations to the Principal
  • support the Trust’s senior management staff, deal with parental complaints pursuant to the Trust policy on parental complaints
  • support the Principal in exclusion processes where appropriate

The responsibility and authority delegated to the Local Academy Councils is laid out in the Trust Scheme of Delegation available on Teesside Learning Trust website

Members of the Council (apart from the Principal) will have a 4 year term of office and can be re-elected at the end of the term.

Members of the Freebrough Local Academy Council

Name Type of Membership Term of office start date Term of office end date or date stepped down (R)
Asma Shaffi (Chair) Co-opted 5 November 2016 4 November 2020
Stephanie Grady Parent 4 March 2016 3 March 2020
Alison Holmes Staff 22 July 2014 21 July 2018
Sara McCallum Co-opted 1 September 2014 31 August 2018
John Chance  Co-opted 29 April 2014 28 April 2019
Rachael Newton Staff 29 February 2016 31 August 2017 (R)
Rachel Prentice  Principal 1 September 2016  

Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests 

Name Date of Declaration Details of Business Interests Declared Details of Business Interests of Immediate Members of Family
Asma Shaffi 25/09/2017 1) Current employment: Deputy Principal/Head of Prior Pursglove None
Stephanie Grady 21/09/2017 None None
Alison Holmes 19/09/2017 1) Current employment: Pastoral leader, Freebrough Academy TLT None
Sara McCallum 15/10/2017 1) Current employment: Executive Headteacher Whitecliffe Academy TLT       

2) Membership of professional bodies: NAHT (Not a postition of control or management)   

3)Governor: Freebrough Academy

John Chance 18/09/2017 1) Current employment: Middlesbrough College Vice Principal Quality & Performance                                                         

2) Company Directorships: Director of Redcar Academy, Director of Marske Centre

3) Governor: Redcar Academy

Rachael Newton 05/09/2016 1) Current Employment: Teesside Learning Trust – Freebrough Academy None
Rachel Prentice 18/09/2017 1) Current employment: Principal of Freebrough Academy TLT None

Attendance Records at Meetings 2016-2017

Member Meetings attended Out of a possible
Asma Shaffi (Chair) 3 3
Stephanie Grady 3 3
Alison Holmes 3 3
Sara McCallum 3 3
John Chance 3 3
Rachael Newton 3 3
Rachel Prentice (Principal) 3 3

Annual Reports and Accounts

More information about governance of the Teesside Learning Trust and finance documents can be found on the TLT website.

The TLT Gender Pay Gap Report can be found on the TLT website here.