Academy Council visit Lingdale Primary to find out about their space project

On Monday 13 June, a group of Academy Council students visited Lingdale Primary’s Year 3/4 class to see a presentation on their Space Science project.

The students gave a wonderful presentation to us about the effects of zero gravity on the growth of plants, and then held a Q&A session afterwards. They have been growing two sets of seeds – one of which was from the International Space Station and one set from Earth.  The students conducted scientific experiments to see if they could guess which set of seeds were from space, and they will get the final results next week.

Our Academy Council students really enjoyed hearing about the primary students’ experiences and were impressed with all of their hard work, and their confidence and enthusiasm in speaking to older students. We look forwards to keeping in touch with Lingdale to hear the results of their project.

“I thought the students knew lots about space!” – Ellie

“The students were really brave and friendly” – Serena

Lingdale Primary 2