B & E / MFL Faculty News

Celebrating superstar students in our faculty

This term, students have been working really hard in the Business and Enterprise / Modern Foreign Languages Faculty, showing all of the PRIDE qualities. Although we would love to include all of the student’s amazing work, we have chosen a few students, explaining why they have been superstar students in our faculty.

Year 7

Benjamin P and Kieran C wrote an excellent piece of extended writing about their appearance and personality using comparisons and qualifiers.

Robin S rises to every challenge given, striving to produce outstanding work at every opportunity.

Year 8

Fin B, Cameron M, Daniel G and Jacob B completed a brilliant piece of extended writing for their AP2 about where they live. They took a lot of pride in the design of their house and the final product. Great!

Year 9

Congratulations to Charlie H, Gabrielle R and Grace R who have made outstanding progress. The class has recently produced an excellent piece of writing, contrasting what they were like as a toddler and what they are like now.

Ashley S, Hannah Y and Ollie T demonstrated constant resilience and commitment in their Spanish lessons, writing about their use of new technology.

Another big congratulations to Megan S, Hannah Y, Paige W, Ollie T and Samuel T who won our writing competition about ‘eBooks or Paper books?’ They did well in debating the disadvantages and advantages before expressing their own opinions.

Year 10

Thomas H consistently produces high quality work, responding thoughtfully and always striving to meet the highest success criteria.

Year 11

Aimee S works diligently to produce the highest quality work.   

Well done to Reece E, Ryan W and Georgia F who passed their Level 1 Unit 2 on Finance in January 2017.

The brand giant, LEGO

As part of our KS3 curriculum, students develop and explore the world of business through real business case studies. The business chosen changes each year and this year our students are investigating the super brand LEGO.

LEGO is the most powerful toy brand in the world and students were asked to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of why they have come to be so successful. This project allows students to develop their skills of researching and interpreting information from sources, which is vital for KS4 across all of their subjects at school, not just business.

Students created a poster presentation and a supporting essay which showed their research and evidence to suggest why LEGO is so successful. This project not only developed the students research and application skills but gave them a creative outlet too, with many fantastic designs and end products.

As Lego fans would say ‘the love of the brick’ has well and truly come to Freebrough.


Did you know that…

  • The French celebrate the New year by sharing a cake called La Galette des Rois. A lucky charm is hidden in the cake and whoever finds it becomes King or Queen for the day.
  • Research shows, speaking more than one language increases your brain capacity and you have better memory too. It helps you to reduce the risk of age-related cognitive decline.

Work it out!

 How do you say “Happy New Year” in French and Spanish?