Come on in LEEPs and bounds

The past year has seen the Learner Effectiveness Enhancement Programme grow from its infancy into an established programme which provides the students with a framework to help be more resilient, to have grit, use positive language and understand more about their brain.

Although the LEEP programme is still continuing to develop and grow, helping more students, the programme was properly introduced to Y7-Y9 students during their very own training day.

During the day, students attended four different workshops so they could understand more about the four underpinning elements of the programme: grit, resilience, brainology and language.

There was positive feedback from the students involved…

“It was hard to take part in activities where you had to be outside your comfort zone so we learnt how to keep going and not give up.”

“Say if you are stuck on a question it inspires you to keep going and not give up.”

“It taught us how to persevere.”

There are plans in place to continue the programme, developing it further and involving parents. We look forward to reporting about its next steps.

To find out more about the programme please click this link to the LEEP webpage.

Other resources relating to the LEEP day can be found below.

LEEP Presentation

LEEP Framework