Key Staff

Each student is part of a SMALL SCHOOL. Each small school has its own team of senior staff. Parents can contact those senior staff if they have any queries or concerns.

Each small school has a:

Head of School who is a member of the Academy Senior Leadership Team, working closely with the Principal.

Pastoral Leader who deals with concerns about your child’s welfare and supporting all of those things that could be worrying your child and become barriers to learning.

Student Progress Leader who is responsible for tracking and monitoring your child’s academic progress.

The senior staff in each of the small schools are:

The School of Aspiration

1) Head of School – Mrs Porter

2) Pastoral Leader -– Mr Bateman

3) Student Progress Leader -– Miss Deakin

The School of Inspiration

1) Head of School -– Mr Hukin

2) Pastoral Leader -– Miss Vodden

3) Student Progress Leader -– Mr Hutchcraft

The School of Motivation

1) Head of School –- Mr Forteath

2) Pastoral Leader -– Mrs Holmes (Lead Pastoral Leader)

3) Student Progress Leader – Miss Heaney

The School of Innovation

1) Head of School –- Mr Donnison

2) Pastoral Leader –- Mrs Douglas

3) School of Innovation is supported by the three Student Progress Leaders from the other small schools.


If you need to speak to the most senior members of staff in the Academy please contact:


Mrs. L Halbert

CEO of the Teesside Learning Trust (MAT)


Mrs. R Prentice



Mrs. D Butcher

Deputy Principal


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, concerns or feedback. You can send an email using the form on the next tab, telephone us on 01287 676305 or text us on 07624 811963