Welfare & Progress

The first point of contact is your child’s tutor. Please ask your child who that is and contact them by telephone on the Academy number or use the email contact form on the tab to the left.

School of Aspiration School of Motivation
ALJE Mrs L Jenson MMHO Mr M Houlgate
ASDE Miss S Deakin MPHE Mr S Daykin
AHBL Mrs H Blackburn MCSK Mrs C Skidmore
ARNE Mrs R Newton MMLB Ms M Bose
AKMN Miss K McNulty MCPA Mrs C Parker
AGCU Mr G Cuthbert MSFD Miss S Fenby
AVBR Mrs V Briggs MKGA Miss K Gardner
AGMO Mr G Moody MKBR Ms K Brown
ASGR Ms S Gray MCRA Mr C Rawson
AHBE Mrs H Bleasby MEGI Ms E Gibson
School of Inspiration School of Innovation
IABL Miss A Bell VABR Miss A Barnes
IJGO Mr J Goodwill VZBO Ms Z Bowman
ILRO Ms L Robinson VHGO Miss H Goodwill
IABE Mr A Bell VPBE Mr P Belmont
IBBN Mr B Bonner VSPA Mr S Parker
IJDO Mr J O’Donnell VEWR Miss E Wray
IJHT Mrs J Hutchcraft VRLA Mr R Laverick
ISCL Mrs S Clark VPWE Mr P Weatherup
IRHU Mr R Hutchcraft VSWA Miss S Walker
ISJA Mrs S Jamil VSRO Ms S Robinson