Do you know WHO your child is WITH and WHAT they are doing?


When your child tells you they are going to a friend’s house or asks to ‘sleep out’ they may not always be where you think they are!


  • Speak to your child about where they are going every time they go out and if they ask to sleep out at a friend’s ask Who, Where & When.
  • Always tell your child if they ask for a ‘sleep out’ you will speak to their friend’s parent/carer to confirm
  • Follow this up!
  • Explain every time they go out and or ask to sleep over at friends you will ask questions and do a SAFE check because you are responsible to protect them.

This campaign is to promote checking children’s whereabouts to prevent them being at risk and in the Wrong Hands.

For confidential advice and support contact Barnardo’s on 01642 300774

If you are worried about a child contact Social Care on 01642 771500

If you believe a child may be in immediate danger call Cleveland Police on 101