Enrichment Review – Cooking Club

Miss Price

When and where is your club held?

Tuesday P6.

Why did you create this club?

To allow students to learn how to cook easy and cheap meals that they can show to their family.

How long has the club been running for?

About seven months.

How many students attend your club?

8-12 students.

What do you enjoy most about your club?

Being able to teach the students new skills and seeing the new exciting ideas they come up with.

How will this club prepare students for later life?

It will show the students how to cook and prepare them for living on their own at university and to cook for their family.

Why would you recommend this club?

The club is fun and exciting, and all the students enjoy taking part, learning new recipes.


Meet the Students – Beth Y7 and Jess Y7

 What made you come to this club?

Because there was a cooking lesson in school time and we liked it.

What do you enjoy about this club?

The staff and other people who run cooking are really kind.

How do you think the club will help you in later life?

It will teach us how to cook for when we are older.

Why would you recommend this club to someone else?

So they have the experience to cook as well.

If you were to give this club a rating out of ten, what score would you score it?


Chloe Y8, Reporter

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