Exclusive factory tour at Coca-Cola European Partners

Learning about the history of the Coca-Cola Company and an exciting factory tour, seeing the whole journey of a bottle of coke – from plastic for the bottle, to warehousing and transporting of the finished product.  Post 16 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship students had the amazing opportunity to visit the Coca Cola European Partners Factory in Wakefield on Monday 9 January 2017.

The students learnt about the different drink products that Coca Cola produce, how the numerous factories across Europe operate, how this all feeds into the iconic company we know and love and of course the origin of the Coca Cola Santa! 

Facts and Figures about the Coca Cola European Partners – Wakefield Site

  • Wakefield was established in 1989 and employs 450 employees.
  • Wakefield is the largest soft drinks plant by volume in Europe, manufacturing and distributing in excess of 100 million cases per annum.
  • We have seven manufacturing lines and two pre-form injection lines
  • We can produce 6,000 cans of soft drink every minute – that’s 100 per second.
  • We can also produce up to 2,200 PET* bottles every minute.
  • Our site buildings cover an area the size of 16 football pitches.
  • Since 2007, we’ve invested over £100 million to make Wakefield one of the fastest producers of soft drinks in the world.
  • Since 2006 we’ve reduced our water consumption ratio by fifty per cent.
  • Wakefield has the capability to produce 100 million plus cases per year.

Source of information – www.cokecce.co.uk/facilities/wakefield