Freebrough Academy’s first ever primary transition language championships

July 2015 saw Freebrough Academy’s first ever Primary Transition Language Championships run with the Language Perfect software.  The aim of the competition was to familiarise Year 6 students, new to the academy, not only with the software they will be using to complete home-learning with but also to demonstrate how the Northern and World Championships are run and what to expect.

As the competition only ran over five days, the points were halved to receive each award therefore the awards were as follows

Elite  – 5,000 +
Gold  – 1500 +
Silver  – 1000 +
Bronze  – 500 +
Credit – 250 +

The students were filling the library at break and lunch times in order to get the coveted first place.  We had some fantastic results, with students already scoring over 3,000 points which really is an amazing achievement and we would hope to see these students aim for Elite status in the forthcoming Northern Language Championships in November 2015!

Questions answered – 86787


Top 5 Students

  1. Millie – 3378 points
  2. Ryan – 3276 points
  3. Jacob – 1845 points
  4. Kyle – 1209 points
  5. Jessica – 1062 points