Freebrough in Paris

In July 2015, 44 Freebrough Academy students travelled to Paris for a trip of a lifetime. Every year the Business & Enterprise/Modern Foreign Language faculty offer students the opportunity to visit a foreign country and this year the location was Paris, France. The group travelled to France by coach and then through the Eurotunnel and despite travelling through the night were in high spirits ready to sightsee the next day.

The sightseeing started by visiting two of the most historical locations in the city; Notre Dame Cathedral and Sacre Coeur. Taking in the spectacular architecture and religious history of both buildings was the highlight of their first day. To beat the Parisian summer heat they travelled by metro around the city, taking in the sights underground as well as above ground.

After a 3 course meal back at the hotel, some well needed sleep and a huge ‘all you can eat’ breakfast, they set off back into the city to take in more of the sights, starting with the Eiffel Tower and Trocadero. After stops for drinks, crepes and other French treats they enjoyed a cruise along the River Seine viewing Paris from the water. Next stop was the Champs Elysee for shopping; the historic road and the Arc de Triomphe was the perfect setting when spending some Euros and students were able to practice their French in the shops. On to the Louvre Museum to see the Mona Lisa, where the curse was finally broken, Mrs Dillon did not get lost in the Louvre with the help of the students! After a long, hot day they returned to the hotel for more food and rest before getting ready to go to Disneyland.

Students had a whole day to spend time on the rides and buy all kinds of Disney memorabilia. With a few songs along the way (led by Mrs Parker of course), the day was finished off with a meal at Planet Hollywood.

“I liked everything we did, especially shopping.” – Beth

“I enjoyed being with my friends and sightseeing. My favourite was the Eiffel Tower!” – Jade

Mrs Newton, Mr Greaves, Mrs Parker and Mrs Dillon would like to thank all 44 students for a fantastic trip and start to the summer holidays. There is only one question left to ask, who is going next year?