Freebrough Summer Building Upgrade

At Freebrough Academy we recognise the importance of creating an attractive, positive and welcoming environment for students, staff and visitors.  We are continually looking at ways in which we can develop the building to meet the needs of all of our stakeholders.

During the summer break we have made some significant improvements to the building which we hope will benefit all of those who use it.

These have included;

Reception area upgrade

The old reception area, previously part of the entrance lobby, was uninviting, cold in winter and did not give a welcoming impression of the academy. We have created a new discrete reception area, which is accessed through a door next to where the old ‘window’ was and gives way to a comfortable seating area with a staffed reception desk supported by an open plan admin office behind.

A new visitor ID system is also in place in both buildings and all visitors are now issued with a personalised ID badge containing their photograph. This upgrade to the system further enforces our absolute commitment to safeguarding.

Visitors have already commented on the vast improvement to their welcome to the Academy.

Flooring upgrade

A rolling programme to replace all flooring within the Academy started over the summer and will continue each summer until all the current floor surfaces have been replaced. Initial plans to replace the first floor balcony and stairwell nearest the public reception area were successfully completed and the remaining two staircases will be replaced at October half term. The new carpet has brightened these areas and students have commented on the difference they have made.

The biggest wow factor, especially for students, was the new floor covering in the small atrium – the one nearest reception. This atrium was previously covered in carpet which had faded badly. The carpet in this area has been replaced with vinyl in Academy colours with the Freebrough logo in the centre of the floor. The logo especially is very impressive and reminds us all that we are very proud to be at Freebrough Academy.