Freebrough’s Daring Greatly Team

The Daring Greatly Team was started in December 2016. Year 7 students were asked if they would like to join in order to help drive forward our ‘Daring Greatly’ core value which links to PRIDE and FRED ICE.

Students also asked if they could take on some extra roles that students may not ordinarily do. This came at a great time as we had decided to deliver staff lunches and students from the team offered to deliver lunches and collect plates on a rotation basis.

Students have also been key in offering their opinions about behaviour and safety around the Academy which has linked closely to the pivotal training carried out by staff.

Students also liked the Science department’s idea of having a learner of the week and students asked if this could become the ‘Daring Greatly Learner of the Week’. All staff now choose a student each week who has shown either PRIDE or FRED ICE qualities. The Daring Greatly Team collect the names each week ready for Mrs Blackburn to write out Daring Greatly Flyers. One person each week is chosen at random to win £10.

The Daring Greatly Team are now identified by their ‘red badges’ and Mrs Blackburn looks forward to working with them over the next half term to see what other exciting ideas they have to drive forward the Daring Greatly values.