Freebrough’s Ink – New enrichment activity

Currently the team is made up of 12 students (from Year 7-9), originally called the Journalism Team, the students used innovation to create their own name and logo for the club. Renamed ‘Freebrough’s Ink’, we look forward to seeing all of their creative writing and reporting skills.

Freebrough’s Ink gives students the opportunity to write news articles that will be published on the Freebrough Academy website and in the Freebrough Flyer. The students are the heart of the school so it is important that they are involved in sharing their own successes and stories to you, the reader. This opportunity will give them a range of skills and they will gain lots of knowledge, carrying out a number of responsibilities including: photographing, interviewing and writing reports.

Watch out for articles on the website with the Freebrough’s Ink logo for updates. The students have spent lots of their own time and we are so proud of how far they have already come. Let’s hope to see them leaving ink on many a page to come as I am sure we will have some budding reporters.

Freebrough's Ink Logo