Freebrough’s Ink evolves

Freebrough have formulated a reporting club entitled ‘Freebrough’s Ink’.

Mr Smith and Miss Clayton along with a group of 12 pupils (from Year 7-9) have devised a journalism club – Freebrough’s Ink. Located in Room 209, the enrichment activity is held on a Thursday during P6. Our reason for this group is to encourage students (aged 11-16) to write.

Do you have anything riveting, thrilling or spine chilling to put on your CV when you leave school?

The Freebrough’s Ink team do! And so can you if you come on down and report for the team.

We will be writing for the school newspaper (Freebrough Flyer) and the school website. We need some new recruits for photography, reporting and interviewing.

Y7 student Katelyn explained to us: “This group is fun and creative! It is one of the greatest enrichment clubs I have ever come across! I am so glad that I decided to go.”

This is very much an evolving club as we are still looking for new recruits as we are very much in our infancy. Anyone is welcome to join the club so if you are interested in being a reporter why not join?

We even have biscuits, drinks and fruit…

Freebrough's Ink Circle-07

Dan Y7, Reporter


Freebrough's Ink