Freebrough’s new value – PRIDE

PRIDE FRED ICE flyerHere at Freebrough we are proud to announce we have a new value, PRIDE.This will become our focus within lessons and across tutorial over the coming weeks.

PRIDE stands for:

  • PRESENTATION – Wearing the correct uniform, arriving to lessons with the right equipment, showing the correct attitude and using positive growth mind set language.
  • RESILIENCE – Taking a challenge, not giving up and celebrating mistakes.
  • INDEPENDENT – Working at home, self-management in lessons and not relying on others.
  • DRIVE – Having a passion and a focus for the future.
  • EXPECTATIONS – Attendance above 96% and show progress in all lessons.

FRED ICE shows PRIDE while #freebroughdaring_greatly

Freebrough’s family shows PRIDE while #freebroughdaring_greatly