Great North Run – 13.1 miles from start to finish

Great North RunTwo members of our Freebrough staff, Kelly and Lauren based at Post 16, undertook one of the biggest challenges of their lives so far on Sunday 11 September 2016 – The Great North Run!

Here’s what Kelly Dillon, Director of Post 16 @ Freebrough had to say…

“We ran in aid of the High Tide Foundation which aims to inspire the young people of our region to increase their aspirations and make them more aware of the opportunities available to them in Teesside.  They provide amazing experiences such as the tall ships and work experience.”

“We started the run positively, even with the heat, from the pink block at the back and managed three miles before we had to slow down. Over the next few miles we ran as much as we could and made good time for the first half of the race then mile nine hit!”

“Mile nine saw us really struggle; we supported each other through the pain that was starting to creep into our legs and just willed ourselves to get to the next mile markers, spurred on by supporters with jelly babies, ice pops and a hose pipe.”

“All the time we knew that we had the hardest part, mile eleven and the hill, still to complete but we remained determined and once we saw the sea we knew we were on the final stretch and that we could make it.”

“The last mile is when you run on the flat along the sea front and can see the finish, this part was amazing there were so many people cheering and supporting you that you knew there was no way you would not complete.”

“We finished in style and ran the last 200m to complete in 2 hours and 53 minutes, under our target time of 3 – 3.5 hours!  It was an amazing, inspiring experience that I would recommend everyone to have a go at, just be prepared for a lot of aching joints afterwards!”

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