Grow Up Grandad

The Year 10 Drama group visited the ARC Stockton Arts Centre in Stockton on Thursday 8 September 2016 to watch a production of Grow Up Grandad, directed by Gordon Steel. The performance was fantastic and took us all on a rollercoaster of emotions. The student’s behaviour was impeccable and they represented the Academy brilliantly. A much deserved and enjoyable trip for both staff and students!

“Poppy is 11 and has attitude.  When she finds herself living with her cantankerous grandfather, a man she neither likes nor loves all hell breaks loose.  Something of a hermit; a man living in the past who sees very little good in anything or anybody, her Grandad is suddenly and unexpectedly confronted by a tornado of energy who can’t sit still and asks too many questions.”

 “Grow up Grandad, is an intergenerational story that deals with love and loss, hope and sadness, as the relationship between Poppy and her Grandad is thrust together and torn apart.”