International Literacy Day 2016 – Thursday 8 September 2016

ILD LogoReading the Past, Writing the Future – Today marks the 50th Anniversary of International Literacy Day.

What is it?

  • Since 1966, International Literacy Day has been celebrated around the world.
  • It aims to raise awareness of literacy and help those who cannot read to learn this vital skill.

A few facts…

  • One in five people in the world cannot read this sentence.
  • 774 million people in this world cannot read a word.
  • 516 million of these are women.
  • Literacy equals money. Average annual wage in Afghanistan – £600. In the United Kingdom it is £24,000.
  • A child in Africa has a 50% better chance of living beyond 5 years old if their mother can read.
  • The UK has a literacy rate of 99%. Afghanistan has a literacy rate of 28%.

So what?

  • Being able to read is vital to you being successful – now and in the future.
  • From a text message to an exam question, from a menu to a website, we read every day.
  • The more reading you do, the better you get and the easier it is!
  • Think about this man and the power of literacy…

For more information about the International Literacy Day please click this link –

Images from UNESCO