Language Perfect World Championships 2015

We are extremely proud to present the results of Freebrough Academy in the world’s largest online language learning competition – the Language Perfect World Championships 2015! Well done to all of the students who participated and for making such a success out of the competition this year.

Let’s hope that we can demonstrate even more phenomenal success in the Northern Language Championships in November 2015!

Total words translated886,207 (not too far away from 1,000,000)

Competing students  312


Top 5 Students

  1. Jade Y9 – 13004 points
  2. Hannah Y7 – 10002 points
  3. Alex Y10 – 6161 points
  4. Chloe Y7 – 5205 points
  5. Jamie Y9 – 4405 points

(Year groups as of July 2015)

School Achievements 

  • 1st overall in the UK (5th last year)
  • 1st overall in Europe
  • 2nd overall in the Northern Hemisphere
  • 34th globally out of over 1200 schools (139th last year)
  • 1st for French in England
  • 1st for Japanese in England
  • 1st for Indonesian in England
  • 1st for Maori in England
  • 1st for Greek in England
  • 2nd for Italian in England