Launch of the East Cleveland Co-operative Learning Trust (ECCLT)

On Thursday 08 October hundreds of guests made up of parents, children, young people, teachers and business partners joined Headteachers and our local MP, Tom Blenkinsop, to officially launch the Trust.  The Trust is made up of eighteen Primary and Secondary Schools in East Cleveland committed to working together to improve the life chances of all children and young people in East Cleveland.

The overarching aim of East Cleveland Co-operative Learning Trust is to support full members and partner organisations to raise the levels of achievement of all children and young people in our community, across all phases of education, through a partnership with Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council and The Co-operative Movement.

We believe that through positive partnership working the trust will improve the life chances of our children and young people across East Cleveland, by:

  1. supporting each and every school within the trust to further raise standards
  2. ensuring that all have equality of opportunities in each and every aspect of their education
  3. ensuring that all have a voice
  4. building a coherent and inspiring learning journey for all
  5. increasing engagement and ownership of the schools within their respective communities
  6. working  in partnership with other schools and colleges to promote best possible outcomes

We will achieve our aims through strong collaboration that will increase our capacity to support and deliver outstanding localised and co-ordinated, educational provision for children and young people aged 0-19 years and the wider community, leading to outstanding outcomes.

The values and ethos of the Co-operative Movement, especially the ideals of self-help and social responsibility, as well as active membership, underpins the work of the schools – and the Trust.  The Trust’s charitable objectives are to advance the education of the students in the East Cleveland Co-operative Learning Trust and to advance the education of other members of the community to benefit the community.

Community cohesion:

The Trust Partners are committed to improving community cohesion and ensuring that there is cultural respect and tolerance between different groups of people living together.  The Trust will strategically develop opportunities for all students to succeed to the highest levels by removing barriers to access and participation in learning and by engaging with other partners, parents and wider communities, both nationally and globally.

The Launch was a great success.  Guests had the opportunity to hear the beautiful voices of the ECCLT choir who sang a medley of songs, supported by the Tees Valley Music Service.  There was also an opportunity to hear what the priorities are for our children and young people in East Cleveland.  The East Cleveland Children’s Council shared the issues for them in East Cleveland and some of their solutions for improvement.

Tom Blenkinsop shared his pride in the area and his admiration for the young people in our community.  His challenge to the Trust was to prepare our children and young people for the challenges ahead, new types of employment opportunity and to grow the next generation of MPs and even a Prime Minister of the future!

Guests then had the opportunity to take part in a wide range of exciting activities organised and run by each school.

The feedback was really positive and those present were excited by the opportunities this strong partnership will bring to each child, each school and to our community as a whole.

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