Mathematicians of the future – UKMT Junior Challenge

After a very hard maths test which involved a number of multiple choice answers that tested logic, problem solving and breaking down problems, we have the results!

Year 7 and 8 students took part in the UKMT Junior Challenge and after the success of our UKMT Team Challenge, the students were hoping to continue the success.

We are very pleased with the results with 17 students placed in the Top 40% nationally of students who took part. They have all received certificates and Freebrough is very proud of their efforts.

Congratulations especially to Luis Y7 who achieved a Gold Award (Top 7% nationally) and also was the best in his year and in the school overall.

Mr Laverick, Maths Teacher told us: “The maths faculty are really pleased with the results!”


The percentages shown are where they came out of the people who took the challenge across the UK. i.e. Gold is the top 7% of the people who took the test. The test itself is designed for the most highly able.

Gold Award (Top 7% Nationally):

Luis (Year 7) – Also Best in Year and Best in School

Silver Award (Top 20% Nationally):

Daniel (Year 8) – Also Best in Year

Joshua (Year 7)

Robin (Year 7)

Bronze Award (Top 40% Nationally):

Macie (Year 8)

Archie (Year 8)

Cameron (Year 8)

Ryan (Year 8)

Jacob (Year 8)

Cameron (Year 8)

Charlotte (Year 8)

Finn (Year 8)

Caitlin (Year 8)

Callum (Year 7)

Lola (Year 7)

Joe (Year 7)

Rowan (Year 7)