My time with humanutopia

Anna HUThis summer I had the privilege of working with humanutopia for two weeks. Following my interview in January and the two training days I went to in Cheshunt, I was given the opportunity to go to London and work for two full weeks as part of the team – and it was incredible.

The whole team met in Brixton, London for three days to run a HARmony camp as a group. This was the first time I really had to go to a place far from home completely on my own and, for the most part, it went pretty smoothly.

I arrived at Brixton station feeling pretty chuffed with myself (Anna, intrepid explorer) and that’s when I had the moment of terrifying realisation, I had absolutely no idea how to get to the hotel. One thing I’ve learnt whilst away was that Londoners and Northerners are very different in the way that they approach this problem. I did what I thought any normal person would do – I went from person to person asking for directions.

When I did meet up with everyone later I was the hero of the hour. They were incredulous I actually asked for directions, and I decided that, instead of just admitting that I didn’t know that was something you shouldn’t do, I’d let them believe I was tough for just a few days.

The three days in the school were amazing. I was with the two others that got the other jobs and it was really nice to work together through it all. I went back home on the Friday night feeling very happy indeed.

The following Sunday was when the job really started. I made my way back down to London (Croydon, this time.) I found the hotel with ease, settled in and the next day we went to the school. I loved working in Croydon. I think because I got two full weeks there I was really able to get to know the kids, the heroes and the staff, and so it was really enjoyable to keep going back there. My accent was, apparently, hilarious and I was subjected to endless hours of imitation and repeating myself.

It felt really nice to get to know everyone personally and be someone that the students knew they could trust if they had any problems, no matter how big or small. I enjoyed it so much that by the end of the second week I found it almost impossible to leave and, I must admit, I had a little bit of a cry when I got to Kings Cross because I missed everyone already.

Overall, my time with humanutopia was the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life – I loved every single second of it, and it has completely changed my outlook on a lot of things. It gave me a lot more confidence, as it gave me the opportunity to talk in front of large amounts of students. I felt a lot more independent whilst I was away, which I know will set me up going into the rest of my life. The friends that I made whilst there are going to be my friends for life, and I know we’ll meet up again at some point in the next year (be it on the Isle of Wight, Croydon or Brotton.) It was a time of firsts – first job, first journey alone and, much to the shock of the rest of the team, first Nando’s.

I thoroughly believe that humanutopia was the best thing I could have ever done between leaving school and starting college, as now I am entering the rest of my life with invaluable skills and the determination to go into teaching after seeing what it was like to work in a school. I can’t thank humanutopia enough for my time with them.
HARmony Camp Ambassador